We strongly believe that flowers have much to say, and have been telling their stories for centuries around the world. Some loudly, shouting from the garden and making their way onto the emblems of royalty, some intoxicating their way into our conscious mind and bewitching the senses, others quietly whisper their words and let their fragrance do the talking for them.

Flowers, a creation that each and every person has seen, in some way shape or form, can remind us of a mutual connection. A connection to nature, a rare organism without borders, sometimes one species spanning countries, even continents. They have been influencing culture in their own way - documenting themselves in history through our art, our literature, in our museums, growing beside the street, in a tamed and groomed garden and in the wild. Flowers are a common denominator that in current times we as publishers and storytellers believe this world truly needs. This publication will document how the world sees flowers in modern times, told through the eyes of artists and the words of writers. Indeed in so doing, we will document how flowers see us, too.