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Call for Submissions

Taking inspiration from traditional botanical illustrations, we are focused on translating this concept to contemporary ways of studying and representing flowers. We are pleased to announce an open invitation to artists and writers to submit work for our second issue. Volume 2 of Future Fossil Flora will feature The Orchid. 


Guidelines for Art Submissions:

  • One flower family or subfamily per piece/series. Any species of the Orchidaceae, or Orchid family is acceptable

  • Images should feature only the flower. Images including people, etc will not be considered

  • All work submitted in high resolution and sizes either 10 cm x 15 cm or 30 cm x 20 cm

  • A minimum of 2 images should be submitted

  • Each image should be titled with your name and title of work and the year (i.e., firstname_lastname_title_year.jpeg)

  • An artist statement for the work is welcome

Guidelines for Written Submissions:

  • Any form of writing is acceptable - creative, essay, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc
  • The piece must be inspired by The Orchid, and aim to observe, study, or give creative voice to how this flower influences our culture in modern times
  • Submissions, besides poetry, should be a minimum 1,000 words in length


How do you see flowers?